Now Hiring: Los Angeles-based Sales Representatives

With the addition of Chris Ochs as our new Head of Sales, we have began actively hiring Sales Representatives to sell a diverse set of products across our portfolio companies. Our first class of sales reps will be focused on capturing market share in the Los Angeles area, the second class expanding throughout Southern California, and classes three and beyond pushing out nationally.

By joining early, Sales Representatives will have the advantage of being able to claim prime sales territories while they are still available, with Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles among the many plum regions currently available but that we expect to fill within the next three months. The Veloz Group will also be hiring our second class of sales reps in three to six months months, at which point sales reps from the first class who have demonstrated leadership ability and managerial capacity will be able to begin developing sales teams of their own.

Don’t be a cog in the machine. Join The Veloz Group and build your own machine.

To learn more about our portfolio companies and the products they sell, visit our Companies Page. The learn more about our sales roles and to apply for a position, visit the Sales section of our Jobs Page.

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