A designer’s view of the Herman Miller Aeron then and now!

Written by Josh Li, Mechanical Engineering Student at University of Waterloo

When the Aeron chair first entered the market, it was considered “disgusting” by the general public, it looked and functioned so differently, such a distant chance from the traditional, heavy, pillowed thrones people were accustomed to. Therefore the public rated it poorly and it was considered destined for failure.

To truly understand its comforts, one must actually sit on an Aeron chair, which isn’t very difficult as they occupy most offices spaces. Today it is the staple of ergonomic and comfortable office chairs. The chairs is highly adjustable, in multiple components that allows it to accommodate the human body of all sizes. The arm rests are attached only to the back of the chair, and the back support of the chair actually gets wider at the shoulders, all for maximum body support. Lastly, the material of the chair is a soft mesh rather than hard fibers making it comfortable for prolonged sitting.

The interesting fact is, that since Herman Miller came out with the chair in 1994, it was so comfortable and therefore common place that it is now rated “good -looking” by the public. We have grown accustomed to it’s aesthetics. Just another example of how an excellent design becomes embraced by society.

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