Study finds Sitting at Work leads to increase Glucose levels, Fat, and Cardiac Issues

Beverly Hills Chairs is now selling standing desks to promote well being and health for individuals who are stuck sitting at their desks throughout the day. We have been primarily selling the extremely popular refurbished Herman Miller Aeron, Herman Miller Mirra, Herman Miller Embody, and Humanscale’s Freedom Headrest taskchairs. However, the onset of studies have shown that sitting for prolonged periods at work with increase your glucose levels, your fat and lipid levels, and create real risk for cardiovascular diseases.

We are launching the sale of new standing desks. Many of you have heard of standing desks, but let me inform you about the many reasons why the United States is starting to add standing desks in workplaces and schools. Standdesk

It is obvious that if you stand throughout the day you will burn more calories than if you are sitting. No one should be standing throughout the day. That is ludicrous. There are many studies which explain that you will lose calories by standing, but few studies are explaining how to go about your work day dividing up how much time you should sit versus how much time you should stand.

Before we can get a feel for how much time we should sit v. stand during our work day, some of you might be thinking: “I go to the gym and work out,” “I go running every morning,” or “I go to spin class 3 times a week, why do I need to care about how long I am sitting at work?”

The problem with this line of thinking is that studies have shown that if you exercise on a regular basis it may not be enough. ( “There is mounting evidence that exercise will not undo the damage done by prolonged sitting. Our technology has made us the most sedentary humans in history.”

Glucose is an essential fuel but persistently high levels increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Your pancreas produces the hormone insulin to help get your glucose levels back down to normal, but how efficiently your body does that is affected by how physically active you are.

According to the leading Chester Research group, “The Chester researchers took measurements on days when the volunteers stood, and when they sat around. When they looked at the data there were some striking differences. As we had hoped, blood glucose levels fell back to normal levels after a meal far more quickly on the days when the volunteers stood than when they sat.” (BBC)

But, when they looked at the heart rates, the study found that each individual participating in this sit/stand study averages 10 beats per minute higher than those sitting. That makes a difference of up to 1 calorie per minute, which turns into 50 calories per hour, which is 750 calories over the course of 5 days while standing for only 3 hours a day.

According to Dr. Buckley of Chester, “that would be the equivalent of running 10 marathons a year, just by standing up three or four hours in your day at work.”

At Beverly Hills Chairs (, we have been keeping up to date with such studies so that we can serve our customers with the office furniture that will keep them healthy throughout the day. We are the leader of refurbished Herman Miller Aeron chairs which are ranked #1 as best ergonomic chairs. These chairs are not considered used aerons as they have been touched up for cosmetic blemishes if any by our certified technicians.

We also are proud to be an authorized Humanscale dealer where we sell new Freedom Headrest chairs at significantly lower prices than any other store or e-commerce site.

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