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Study finds Sitting at Work leads to increase Glucose levels, Fat, and Cardiac Issues

Beverly Hills Chairs is now selling standing desks to promote well being and health for individuals who are stuck sitting at their desks throughout the day. We have been primarily selling the extremely popular refurbished Herman Miller Aeron, Herman Miller Mirra, Herman Miller Embody, and Humanscale's Freedom Headrest taskchairs. However, the onset of studies have shown that sitting for prolonged periods at work with increase your glucose levels, your fat and lipid levels, and create real risk for cardiovascular diseases. We are launching the sale of new standing desks. Many of you have heard of standing desks, but let me...Read More

Ergonomic Chair Smack-Down: Herman Miller Aeron vs. Freedom Headrest by Humanscale

The Comfort Test The Herman Miller Aeron is made for a 8-12 hour workday. The modern worker will face health problems such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and carpel tunnel from their 8 hour workdays. The Aeron chair is a pioneer in ergonomics as it has implemented a revolutionary design using pellicle mesh which can surround your body with comfort while allowing you to move and distribute your weight in the most comfortable and healthy way. The Freedom Headrest by Humanscale was created to revolutionize the way people sit by using a "weight-sensitive recline and synchronously adjustable armrests."...Read More

A designer’s view of the Herman Miller Aeron then and now!

Written by Josh Li, Mechanical Engineering Student at University of Waterloo When the Aeron chair first entered the market, it was considered "disgusting" by the general public, it looked and functioned so differently, such a distant chance from the traditional, heavy, pillowed thrones people were accustomed to. Therefore the public rated it poorly and it was considered destined for failure. To truly understand its comforts, one must actually sit on an Aeron chair, which isn't very difficult as they occupy most offices spaces. Today it is the staple of ergonomic and comfortable office chairs. The chairs is highly adjustable, in...Read More

Finding the Best Chair for You!

  At Beverly Hills Chairs, (, we specialize in selling used and refurbished Herman Miller Aerons. While these are notoriously known as the best ergonomic task chair on the market, some clients prefer a softer seat while still having the mesh back to relieve pressure and stay cool throughout the day. Beverly Hills Chairs is proud to announce the all new Beverly Hills Ergonomic Task Chair which provides a softer cushion and has the same lumbar and tilt controls as a Herman Miller Aeron. At an affordable price of just $349 per chair, Beverly Hills Chairs is one of the...Read More

DESKercising: Losing Weight at Work

The biggest excuse for not going to the gym in the United States is work related. Here is a some great examples of a new method of keeping your body moving at work :  Welcome to DESKercising! 1) Sitting in your chair, lift one leg off the seat, extend it out straight, hold for 2 seconds, then lower your foot (just short of the floor) and hold for several seconds. Switch legs. Do each leg 15 times. 2) Do one-legged squats while holding on to your desk for support. This can be done when a file or webpage is being...Read More

Female Aficionado

“It’s a good day when you get to kick back and smoke a cigar.” Just like a man with a 3-week-old puppy, a girl with a black and mild is irresistible – as Mel Kel quickly learned when she picked up her 1st cigar in college. As a freshman who didn’t smoke cigarettes, Mel was swiftly thwarted into a friendship with a fearless brunette from New England who had an affinity for black and milds. Whilst every other college girl would step outside to light up a cigarette, Mel and her girlfriends would light up cigars, immediately darting the attention...Read More