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Female Aficionado

“It’s a good day when you get to kick back and smoke a cigar.” Just like a man with a 3-week-old puppy, a girl with a black and mild is irresistible – as Mel Kel quickly learned when she picked up her 1st cigar in college. As a freshman who didn’t smoke cigarettes, Mel was swiftly thwarted into a friendship with a fearless brunette from New England who had an affinity for black and milds. Whilst every other college girl would step outside to light up a cigarette, Mel and her girlfriends would light up cigars, immediately darting the attention...Read More

The Veloz Group Hires Custom Tobacco and Briarmont General Manager

We are excited to announce the hiring of our second Vice President, Jennifer Bunney. Jennifer is a proud graduate of the USC neuroscience program and despite having been admitted to the University of Texas Medical School, she instead chose to pursue an MBA at LMU, where she graduated first in her class. Jennifer joins The Veloz Group as a Vice President and will be serving as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Custom Tobacco and Briarmont, where she will be able to apply her immense talents toward building and developing fresh brands and cutting-edge businesses. Not only does Jennifer bring...Read More