Intern Flashback: Bo Liu

I was asked to write a letter of recommendation for our former intern Bo Liu. This made me reminisce about Bo’s time at The Veloz Group, and his contributions to our culture and the impact he made on the experience of all of his peers. While my actual letter of recommendation also touches on his technical accomplishments, those will not be discussed here.

Bo was such a legend at The Veloz Group that he became the first intern to ever be featured in print. His poster still hangs in our Innovation Center to this day. Treason is for Bo’s having worn a UCLA sweatshirt for 90% of his internship, despite having attended USC. Bo was so liked and well-known that our other interns from USC went so far as to buy him a USC t-shirt which Bo then proceeded to wear for the remainder of his internship. Good luck with all of your future endeavors Bo. You will certainly be remembered at The Veloz Group for generations to come. Bo’s primary role at The Veloz Group: Software Engineer. Bo’s secondary role: taking care of Robobop.

— Jordan



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