Monthly Archives: January 2013

isoHunt celebrates 10 years of supporting free software

As a strong supporter of Free & Open-Source Software (FOSS), The Veloz Group would like to thank isoHunt for 10 years of supporting free software. isoHunt is a popular torrent site that helps users find software shared through the popular peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. Sites like isoHunt are vital to open-source software and strongly support the notion of free software for the betterment of individuals everywhere. As the official sponsor of Flyspray (a leading open-source bug tracking system), The Veloz Group has devoted a lot of resources to supporting open-source software. In addition to providing the lead developers for Flyspray, The...Read More

Briarmont Company Relaunching

We are excited to announce the relaunching of Briarmont, a company that appeals to the gentleman inside every man and the woman who seeks this ideal man.  The release of Briarmont will allow consumers to buy a variety of cigars, customized cigars, and accessories, as well as other accessories that appeal to the "every man." You can learn more about Briarmont by visiting and you can learn more about our other companies by browsing our parents page www.thevelozgroup.comRead More

Cigars & Weddings

Cigars symbolize celebration. They allow people to celebrate monumental and joyous occasions in a relaxing fashion. What can be more monumental than a wedding? The coming together of two families to make one marks a major life event and calls for some luxurious relaxation. Custom Cigars are the perfect wedding favor for a wedding in any season! The ability to personalize cigar colors and monograms for a wedding, or any occasion, adds an individualized touch to any reception, providing guests with a unique take away. Adding a cigar bar to your event can also enhance the theme of your celebration,...Read More

The Veloz Group Makes Final Round in Grant Competition

It's been an exciting few weeks in our office, with the arrival of shining new faces-- welcome new interns and employees! We've been off to a great start this winter, with our placement in the final round of Idea Cafe's 13th Annual Small Business Grant. The Veloz Group has beat out several other creative businesses to place in this final round, that consists of only ten companies. In the final weeks of voting, it's crunch time and we're reaching out for everyone's support! We want to thank all of those who have and continue to support us on our journey...Read More

The Veloz Group winter internship program set to kick off

January 7th marks the first day of our winter internship program. We are pleased to welcome our latest class of interns from UCLA and USC. We have an amazing semester planned out and are looking forward to getting everyone started on their internships projects. The Veloz Group is always looking for top interns. If you are interested in interning with us, please visit our Internships page.Read More

Rachel Mendler joins The Veloz Group as Media / Marketing Associate

The Veloz Group is excited to announce the hiring of Rachel Mendler as a Media & Marketing Associate. Rachel will be working with Veloz leadership and our team of innovators to develop and execute on marketing and advertising strategies across our portfolio companies, while managing projects focused on multimedia, social media and search engine optimization (SEO). Rachel's involvement will extend to new opportunities in the media and entertainment space, as The Veloz Group actively develops new projects each quarter. Rachel recently graduated from New York University, where she earned a B.A. in English and completed the Documentary Films minor at the Tisch...Read More

Michael Rome joins our Team of Innovators

With the creation of a new supplement project within our incubator comes the addition of Michael Rome to our Team of Innovators. Michael joins The Veloz Group as an Advisor where he will be one of the scientific drivers behind a new supplement business we are working. Michael will also serve as a more a general resource to The Veloz Group on matters related to biotechnology and scientific research. Michael holds a Bachelors of Science in Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology from UCLA, where he was published in both Molecular Biology and Neuroanatomy. Michael is currently a Researcher and Doctoral...Read More

Now Hiring: Los Angeles-based Sales Representatives

With the addition of Chris Ochs as our new Head of Sales, we have began actively hiring Sales Representatives to sell a diverse set of products across our portfolio companies. Our first class of sales reps will be focused on capturing market share in the Los Angeles area, the second class expanding throughout Southern California, and classes three and beyond pushing out nationally. By joining early, Sales Representatives will have the advantage of being able to claim prime sales territories while they are still available, with Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles among the many plum regions currently available...Read More

The Veloz Group hires Chris Ochs as Head of Sales

We are excited to announce the hiring of Chris Ochs as our Head of Sales. Chris is a proud graduate of the University of Houston, where he played Division I football, and is in his last year of the Executive MBA program at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Chris brings over two decades of sales experience to The Veloz Group, where he will be tasked with building out our national sales forces. The Veloz sales force will consist of both Junior and Seniors sales representatives interested in selling products from any of our portfolio companies. By having a diverse product...Read More

The Veloz Group hires two new Management Associates

We are excited to announce the hiring of two new Management Associates: Ricky Chhabra and Zac Cusac. Ricky brings a strong accounting and small business background to The Veloz Group and will be coming on as the General Manager of Arcade Buffs, where he will be focused on finalizing the product line and then executing on the business plan. Zac brings a strong sales and marketing background to The Veloz Group and will be coming on as the General Manager of Beverly Hills Auto Group, where he will be focused on building out a vendor-neutral network of automotive partners capable of providing our customers...Read More