The Summer 2013 Internship Sets Sail

The summer internship at the Veloz Group has officially kicked off! Interns have come from all over the country to gain real-world experience at the Veloz Group. From a diverse cultural background and top schools in the nation, these fresh and innovative thinkers are excited to help this new company expand.

The social media marketing team has focused its efforts in generating greater exposure for The Veloz Group through popular Social Media and Public Relations strategies.

The software engineering internship team has been hard at work developing improved websites for Veloz companies such as Beverly Hills Chairs and Custom Tobacco, and projects like the media monitor. The entrepreneurship team is working on two new business ideas, analyzing the markets and feasibility of these projects.

The design team has been creating new templates that will revamp the looks of the company websites and is drafting a few new logos. Stay tuned, as they will be released soon.

The multimedia internship team has begun developing ideas for potential promotional videos. They have also been working closely with business management to strategize building the Veloz brand. Additionally, they have been helping the design team make crucial decisions for the websites.

The internship team has already clearly demonstrated cutting-edge talent that promises great strides for The Veloz Group. We look forward to an exciting and productive summer!


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