Veloz CEO thanks former NFL stars for protecting his hometown against Justin Bieber

In a tweet this morning, Adam Mendler, CEO of The Veloz Group, the Los Angeles-based company responsible for launching successful businesses including Beverly Hills Chairs and Custom Tobacco, thanked former NFL stars Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson for protecting his hometown against Justin Bieber. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Johnson and Dickerson confronted Bieber over his reckless behavior leading directly to child endangerment. Adam paid tribute to Johnson and Dickerson through his twitter account, adding, “Good to see Eric Dickerson back in action period.” The full tweet and Los Angeles Times article can be found at

Born and raised in the Valley before moving to downtown Los Angeles to attend USC, the alma mater of vigilante Johnson, Adam understands the importance of keeping the streets safe from unwelcome intruders like Justin Bieber. As a kid, Adam spent countless hours playing football on Veloz Ave., the inspiration behind The Veloz Group, and attributes his experience growing up on Veloz as uniquely influential in shaping his values and worldview. Fortunately, people like Justin Bieber were not around when Adam was a kid.

For additional information on Adam Mendler and The Veloz Group, visit  or The Veloz Group facebook or twitter pages. Follow Adam directly at @adammendler.

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