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Ashley Morgan Speaks at The Veloz Group

Ashley Morgan, a staple expert in the interior design community, visited The Veloz Group this past Monday to provide her story and most prominent life lessons. Ashley commits herself to her clients who seek her advice on commercial and/or residential interior design. She also has experience in the staging, event planning, catering, and clothing industries. To commend Ashley for her passion and work ethic in each of these fields would be to drastically undermine her proficiency. She is what we’ve christened a go-getter; Ashley Morgan will not stop before she achieves her goals.

Overachieving is something with which Ashley has always been familiar. While inhabiting and traveling through Europe with her family at her youngest of ages, she developed competency in her first language—French. Upon first living in the United States long-term thereafter, she attended boarding school and completed extra homework assignments on the weekends. Ashley filled out a Columbia Law School application at a young age, for fun. She graduated high school at the age of 16. When asked by a grade school teacher for a class project what she aspired to do professionally, Ashley responded, “I want to own everything.”

Well, she’s sure on her way.

But it took Ashley some time to find her calling. At the age of 17, she partnered with her friend to operate a clothing company. Exercising the strong and innovative mindset she’s always maintained, Ashley began to understand that her friend might consider the business just a hobby. Soon thereafter, they went their separate ways. Next, Ashley experimented with bartending and catering – two gigs that ultimately led her to event planning. Needless to say, she was very good at it, and obtained consistent business from referrals.

Over the next few years, Ashley seized a business opportunity that stationed her throughout the world as a personal assistant who facilitated business deals for a renowned CEO. When she saw outside opportunity in the staging and interior design industries, however, she channeled her commitment and started her own business.

Although the nature of her business, like that of many business ventures, entails much uncertainty, since committing herself to interior design, Ashley hasn’t looked back.

Regarding the knowledge she has equipped to her skillset through personal trial and error, Ashley has derived value from several specific life and business lessons. The first is to know entirely whom you’re going into business with. That is, ensure your business partner’s commitment equates to your own. The next is to pay attention to and understand the full business operation. Comprehend both the big picture and the minute details to your company. And most importantly, despite any fear of incompetency and failure you may garner, provided it will help you in the long run, Ashley believes that you should “always say yes.”

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