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Tracy Williams Speaks at The Veloz Group

Tracy Williams never could have pictured herself living in sunny Los Angeles. As an intelligent and young lady from Washington D.C interested in a career in technology Public Relations, she had no choice but to head West. Since the early 2000’s, the West has been a hotbed for technological advancement, which has also helped ignite the large media presence that exists. Fast forward twenty five years, Tracy is now President and CEO of Olmstead Williams Communications; a reputable company known for their public relations and crisis communication work. Tracy and her company are known for the tremendous work they’ve done with Hewlett Packard and Ernst and Young. As an established public relations mogul combined with having well-rounded experience with law firms, credit card chip manufacturers, military technology, and various other industries, she shared great insight with the employees and interns at the Veloz Group.

In the eyes of Tracy Williams, public relations is earned media whereas advertising is paid media. She is a strict believer of this. In order for Tracy to succeed in the world of public relations she likes to take an ubiquitous approach to the way she looks at the industry — she likes to know everything that’s going on. For example, each morning she starts her day by reading a variety of news subscriptions. These subjects include business, healthcare, furniture, and world news. She also spends thousands of dollars a year on news subscriptions for her entire company. She believes in order to be the best in the business you must be informed with everything that is going on.

Another quality of Williams that helps foster her success in crisis communication public relations is that she spends much of her time doing thought leadership. In order to do this she interviews countless amounts of people, which allows her to garner interesting information that intrigues the public. Such as how she took an outsourcing company and did lots of public relations work not exactly on what their business does, but how their environment works. This company’s environment was more millennial and modernized than so many other companies which allowed Olmstead to build a strong public reputation around it.

Williams likes to focus on public relations for technology companies because she’s always seen herself as somewhat of a “nerd.” The tech industry to her is a huge, fast paced environment that embodies quick decision making and intelligent people. This is what she loves about it.

When asked, “What is the hardest thing about running a PR firm,” she responded with, “Scaling a company.” She feel’s that growing a two million business into a twenty, or even thirty million one is one of the most difficult things. When you’re able to find out how to do this though, the sky really is the limit.

As a closing statement, she said, “PR is the cheapest, most effective tool in the marketing arsenal.” This belief is what has helped Williams propel her business and her reputation to the highest standard.

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