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Brett Lipman Speaks at the Veloz Group

Brett Lipman, managing partner at Benchmark Holdings and Preylock Real Estate Holdings, came to speak to our interns Wednesday. He shared his journey from hedge fund analyst to investment banker to real estate investment to becoming an entrepreneur. Brett's Story Brett received his Bachelor's of Science in Finance from Yeshiva University, located in New York City. He then worked as an analyst at Highbridge Hedge Fund until the financial crisis. During the crisis, he went to Fordham University School of Law. While he did not want to be a lawyer, he decided to "hide out in the law library" and...Read More

Brad Yasar Speaks at The Veloz Group

He began writing code at age six; started a software development company at age nine; sold his first company at age sixteen. His name: Brad Yasar. His mission: to diversify his knowledge of industries far and wide, and to invest in the best and brightest during their entrepreneurial journeys. To The Veloz Group’s great fortune, Brad visited our office this Wednesday to provide a background to his successes and to educate our interns on investing. Little did we know, he would do far more than speak to educate; he would speak to inspire. Following college, where he attended Academie de...Read More

Albert Ly Speaks at The Veloz Group

A UCLA graduate, a personal trainer for The Perfect Workout, and a man in tip-top shape -- this is Albert Ly. Despite what was mentioned in the latter, Albert Ly did not think he would be able to say he accomplished all of that just a few years ago. As Albert went along his normal day in college, friends of his would usually ask him to hit the gym but his normal response would always be something along the lines of, "Nah, not today," and then he would continue with whatever he was doing at the time which ranged from...Read More
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Gene Swank Speaks at the Veloz Group

Gene Swank, a self-described "serial entrepreneur," came to speak to interns at the Veloz Group this Monday and share his business wisdom. Gene spends his time working on his successful businesses, investing, or searching for a new business idea. He also has a background in telecommunications industry designing wireless routers and bridges. The Rise of a Serial Entrepreneur Gene graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a BSBA in Computer Informations Systems. He left the telecommunications industry around 2009 when the market was shrinking. Interested in assuring his financial security, he decided to start his own business. Many colleagues...Read More

Sharon Rich Speaks at The Veloz Group

CEO of Think Business Growth, Sharon Rich visited The Veloz Group yesterday to educate our interns on conscious decision making in the workforce. Integrating client stories into her seminar, Sharon offered concrete examples of personal business ventures that illustrate the emphatic need to surface and address what she has coined “invisible agreements.” To Sharon, invisible agreements encompass those quotidian office conventions that drive businesses to poor performance. They are ignored or accepted standards of operation that although seemingly ingrained in a company’s culture can result in drastic improvement when addressed and solved. That’s where Sharon comes in. With dynamism and...Read More