Sharon Rich Speaks at The Veloz Group

CEO of Think Business Growth, Sharon Rich visited The Veloz Group yesterday to educate our interns on conscious decision making in the workforce. Integrating client stories into her seminar, Sharon offered concrete examples of personal business ventures that illustrate the emphatic need to surface and address what she has coined “invisible agreements.”

To Sharon, invisible agreements encompass those quotidian office conventions that drive businesses to poor performance. They are ignored or accepted standards of operation that although seemingly ingrained in a company’s culture can result in drastic improvement when addressed and solved.

That’s where Sharon comes in.

With dynamism and creativity, she applies knowledge from scores of past experience to identify areas that require improvement in a company; often times, areas unknown and unseen by company executives. Upon surfacing these toxic methods of practice, Sharon works alongside leaders and leadership teams to restructure, reengineer, and at times, reinvent company culture, operation, and understanding in order to establish an environment conducive to better collective and individual performance.

Perhaps most commendable of her practice, however: Sharon prepares her clients to identify and tackle future invisible agreements on their own. She offers a consulting service that doesn’t just address the current problem at hand; it addresses problems that transpire far after her hiring has passed.

With three discussed client anecdotes, Sharon proved to The Veloz Group team that invisible agreements even so seemingly small can, in fact, refrain businesses from reaching their full potential. Tardy attendance to meetings, erroneous perception of power dynamics, and overlooked and underutilized genius can cost a company hundreds of thousands – if not millions and billions – of dollars.

It’s true.

But her teachings apply to much more than company culture and operation; they apply to our personal lives. We all have invisible agreements – with our friends, our family, ourselves – that persist through time and ultimately hold us back. What matters is that we understand this phenomenon, that we exercise the level of consciousness required to address our issues with the same effectiveness that Sharon creates in her professional and personal careers.

With her new book, Your Hidden Game: 10 Invisible Agreements That Can Make or Break Your Business launching within the next six months, Sharon finds herself well on her way to perpetuating her agenda and helping businesses and individuals grow for years to come.

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