Albert Ly Speaks at The Veloz Group

A UCLA graduate, a personal trainer for The Perfect Workout, and a man in tip-top shape — this is Albert Ly. Despite what was mentioned in the latter, Albert Ly did not think he would be able to say he accomplished all of that just a few years ago. As Albert went along his normal day in college, friends of his would usually ask him to hit the gym but his normal response would always be something along the lines of, “Nah, not today,” and then he would continue with whatever he was doing at the time which ranged from homework, to video games, to just hanging out.

Fast forward a few years from when he accepted his diploma, you could catch Albert lifting weights in the gym. Albert never saw fitness as something vital to his lifestyle until after college. He felt a little uneasy with himself, and realized if he wanted to catch a stare from all of the blonde babes in sunny Southern California, he figured he’d try to get in better shape. He took this idea and ran with it.

He started weight-lifting at his local gym, but was a little confused on what exactly he should be doing. He began asking questions (frequently to his now friend and Veloz Group CEO Adam Mendler), and did tons of research on the right methods and techniques of weight lifting. After an enormous amount of hard work Albert would no longer be the one asking questions, but he would be the one answering them.

As a personal trainer at The Perfect Workout, he gets bombarded with questions about fitness and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Most of these questions come from women who are approaching their 30’s and older. Much of his personal training focuses on slow motion strength training, which is a style of working out to help people keep up their strength despite the rapid loss of muscle density. Rapid muscle density loss is something that is frequent among women. Albert focuses on this type of training because it is a very safe method, and it emphasizes caution on the joints.

During Albert’s time speaking to both the Veloz Group interns and employees, he gave much insight and knowledge from a wide range of fitness topics. These topics included injuries, eating, steroids, and lifting. Two topics that were very intriguing to the audience were steroids and eating. One intern asked, “What is your take on steroids?” Albert’s response was nothing short of what any great fitness guru would say: he talked about how he sees those who take steroids as “cheaters,” and people who want to take the easy way out. Albert is a firm believer in working for what you want. The natural way is the right way in the eyes of Albert. The topic of eating garnered lots of interest as well. He spoke about bulking and the importance of eating a lot, but keeping it healthy as well, and to continue to stay away from junk food. From there he transitioned to the concept of cutting and how it’s important to eat lots of vegetables as they are a healthy source of carbs, and very, very low in fat. These two topics were just a small glimpse of the vast knowledge of fitness Albert has. The Veloz Group was very pleased with the many things he had to say, and it was a thumbs up from all the employees and interns.

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