Brad Yasar Speaks at The Veloz Group

He began writing code at age six; started a software development company at age nine; sold his first company at age sixteen. His name: Brad Yasar. His mission: to diversify his knowledge of industries far and wide, and to invest in the best and brightest during their entrepreneurial journeys.

To The Veloz Group’s great fortune, Brad visited our office this Wednesday to provide a background to his successes and to educate our interns on investing. Little did we know, he would do far more than speak to educate; he would speak to inspire.

Following college, where he attended Academie de Grenoble for a degree in Applied Sciences – Math, Physics & Chemistry and Pepperdine University for degrees in International Business Management and Economics, Brad started companies in E-Commerce, Big Data, and Forecasting at subsequent times in his life. Not surprisingly, however, Brad wanted more. And more is what he got.

Brad clearly had experience in technical skills – both with hardware and with software. What he understood at this point in his life, however, was that technical skills weren’t enough. He took a job thereafter doing sales at an Internet company, which comprised of many smile-and-dial phone calls. Although the venture did not compliment his interests and passions, Brad learned how to effectively sell a product and service – a feat that would help him immensely later on.

Following his sales job, Brad began another business – this time, in consulting. For ten years, he consulted business professionals in different industries in order to maximize his exposure to different ideas, knowledge, and people. What it led to was the opportunity to become a sub contractor in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As), especially focusing on the human capital portion. Brad focused on helping companies solve Human Resources issues, such as employee transfers and workforce reduction. But when the market crashed in 2008, the pipeline for consulting vanished. Rather than try and rebuild the pipeline, himself, Brad made a strategic move to somewhere else: start-up space.

After three months without any start-up ideas, Brad found some vital advice, from no other than his wife. Brad could, in the vision his wife constructed in her own head, help other people realize and reach their own dreams; people who lacked competence in sales, marketing, operating, and fundraising. Brad would become an investor.

As successful as an investor as Brad now is, he didn’t see immediate triumph. In fact, in the beginning, Brad had to beg people to take his money, because no one knew about him and nobody cared what he had to say. The problem? Personal branding and networking. Performing effectively and obtaining commendable results were simply not enough.

Attending many networking events and investing initially in tier three deals served as a catalyst for Brad’s success. After some time, Brad worked his way up to Triple A (AAA) deals that didn’t even hit the market; they were legally bound to rounds of private venture capital. Now a highly successful investor, Brad Yasar commits his professionalism to venture capitalism and angel investing. For the elite man who seemingly has his whole life together, there still is no looking back. Brad is just getting started.

Brad captivated the intern team at The Veloz Group with his impressive resume and quick and high success rate. Perhaps most important to his time with us, however: his underlying advice: invest where you can create value, not only money; and invest – rather than in products or services – in people. The former two can change quickly, Brad suggests, but people take three to five years to rewire and reinvent themselves. Make sure you know with whom you’re engaging business.

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