Tony Winders Speaks at The Veloz Group

Tony Winders, longtime marketing executive and digital marketing consultant, spoke to The Veloz Group interns about the lessons he has learned in his 25 years of business. These are 9 of what he considers to be his most valuable insights.

1. Products and services
Winders’ first business was a lawn mowing service, and then throughout college, he waited tables. After multiple jobs, he realized he was a “services” guy. With services, all you can bill for is your time; there is a limitation on scaling that products don’t have. Understanding the distinction between the two, and knowing which industry you want to go into is crucial.

2. Marketing distinctions
Public relations and advertising both fall under the marketing umbrella. However, public relations is editorial (earned media) whereas advertising is paid media. The distinction between b to b (business to business) versus b to c (business to consumer) is also one to know. B to b is harder because it involves a smaller target audience.

3. Awareness, leads, & sales
Winders’ time in marketing has given him the ability to distill it down to 3 main parts: awareness (brand association), leads, and sales.

4. Sales and marketing
Compared to marketing positions, Winders has seen more sales leaders move up and go on to higher positions such as CEO or general managers. There’s a specific type of person that has the “it” factor needed to be in sales.

5. Scaling
Scaling any business takes time, money, and a lot of people.

6. The world wide web
The web is an extremely powerful tool to not take for granted. In today’s society, we’re all in the tech business. Be familiar with how your business’s programming works; have a conversation with the engineers.

7. Block chain
More and more companies are jumping on the block chain bandwagon. Cryptocurrency is going to eat up the economy, and the rising millennial generation needs to know what’s about to him them. It’s a whole new kind of transparency.

8. Subscription, transaction, & promotion
Similar to “awareness, leads, & sales,” this is Winders’ distilled version of e-commerce: subscription, transaction, and promotion.

9. Network, network, network
Networking fuels businesses; get your head out of your phone and say hello to someone. At every party, Winders makes an effort to talk to the host and the oldest person in the room. As for how to create strong relationships, Winders advises to find people you trust, like, and respect.

Winders closes his speech with parting advice:
• Don’t be afraid to hear no; this is the worst that can happen when you ask for something.
• You are the only thing standing in the way of your greatness.
• Quality over quantity. Don’t get caught up with the number of LinkedIn connections you can get or the number of business cards you can hand out. You need to slow down to speed up.

Thank you, Winders. Now let’s conquer the world.

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