Dr. Butt and Vijay Chokal-Ingam Speak at The Veloz Group

Recently, the team at The Veloz Group welcomed Dr. Butt and Vijay Chokal-Ingam as honorary guest speakers. Although the two professionals run completely separate and successful businesses now, their entrepreneurial ventures started together at UCLA Anderson’s Masters in Business program.

Like many sound businessmen, Dr. Butt and Vijay identified demand in a universal market – that of romance and seduction. After extensive research, the two friends created a service in the Los Angeles community while enrolled at UCLA to aid heterosexual men in their pursuit of love. All the while, Dr. Butt and Vijay wrote a book that outlined the facets of their service available for purchase to the general public.

Throughout the growth of their business, Dr. Butt and Vijay faced varying critique from individuals who held the misconception that the seduction of women depends on manipulation and deceit. In fact, they explained to the group at Veloz, their advice promoted a much more mature and normal agenda.

Rather than woo women with outlandish tricks and strategies, Dr. Butt and Vijay encouraged their clients and readers to engage in dating by normal means. Assess your fashion and change it accordingly, pay for the woman on the first date, and start a conversation by simply saying, “hello” were a few of the broader pieces of advice the two included in their book.

One of the more unique directions they explained in their book was to focus more on what they christened “the day game.” Rather than limit themselves to meeting women at night – especially at night at a party scene – men should feel more comfortable pursuing romance during the day, at everyday locations such as the gym, mall, or supermarket.

With the supply market for seduction and romantic consulting so saturated, however, it was only a matter of time that Dr. Butt and Vijay moved on to their next ventures.

Perhaps most noteworthy – at least, as far as intriguing stories go: Vijay applied to medical school… as an African American. When he realized the higher likelihood of acceptance for students of the African race compared to that of others, he planned a historically devious scheme: he shaved his head, shortened his eyelashes, and used his middle name, Jojo for discerned racial legitimacy when navigating the application process. And although he would later transcend and abandon medical school to tackle other ventures, his scheme worked.

Since then, Vijay has welcomed many public relations opportunities while advertising his book, Almost Black – How I Posed as Black to Get into Medical School and pushing his college consulting business. As for Dr. Butt, the man has seen great success managing clinics in minimal time.

Hearing the two men speak was truly a pleasure, and we hope to have them back soon.

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