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Tony Winders Speaks at The Veloz Group

Tony Winders, longtime marketing executive and digital marketing consultant, spoke to The Veloz Group interns about the lessons he has learned in his 25 years of business. These are 9 of what he considers to be his most valuable insights. 1. Products and services Winders’ first business was a lawn mowing service, and then throughout college, he waited tables. After multiple jobs, he realized he was a “services” guy. With services, all you can bill for is your time; there is a limitation on scaling that products don’t have. Understanding the distinction between the two, and knowing which industry you...Read More

Stuart Cohen Speaks at The Veloz Group

On Monday, July 24th, interns at the Veloz Group heard from Stuart Cohen, an entrepreneur in the insurance and financial services as well as motivational speaker. Although Cohen has been blessed with many successes in his life, he has dealt with just as many obstacles. His varied experiences left him with valuable advice interns were able to identify with. “The process is the roses.” If you’re simply fixated on the end goal, with blinders on during the middle part, you’re essentially missing the most important moments. You need to be hyperaware of all the moving parts in the journey because...Read More
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Dan Birnbaum Speaks at The Veloz Group

Dan Birnbaum, an entertainment executive currently with Dolby Laboratories and formerly with Technicolor and Disney, spoke to interns about the importance of looking ahead to stay on top of today’s rapidly changing industry. Birnbaum finished his undergraduate at Northwestern University with a film major. His interests always lied in the intersection between film and technology, and he found a match with visual effects. At the time, 90% of the visual effects industry was based in Los Angeles, so straight out of college he made the bold move West. He got his feet wet at Hammerhead Productions, a privately owned digital...Read More