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Albert Ly Speaks at The Veloz Group

A UCLA graduate, a personal trainer for The Perfect Workout, and a man in tip-top shape -- this is Albert Ly. Despite what was mentioned in the latter, Albert Ly did not think he would be able to say he accomplished all of that just a few years ago. As Albert went along his normal day in college, friends of his would usually ask him to hit the gym but his normal response would always be something along the lines of, "Nah, not today," and then he would continue with whatever he was doing at the time which ranged from...Read More
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Tracy Williams Speaks at The Veloz Group

Tracy Williams never could have pictured herself living in sunny Los Angeles. As an intelligent and young lady from Washington D.C interested in a career in technology Public Relations, she had no choice but to head West. Since the early 2000's, the West has been a hotbed for technological advancement, which has also helped ignite the large media presence that exists. Fast forward twenty five years, Tracy is now President and CEO of Olmstead Williams Communications; a reputable company known for their public relations and crisis communication work. Tracy and her company are known for the tremendous work they've done...Read More