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Dr. Butt and Vijay Chokal-Ingam Speak at The Veloz Group

Recently, the team at The Veloz Group welcomed Dr. Butt and Vijay Chokal-Ingam as honorary guest speakers. Although the two professionals run completely separate and successful businesses now, their entrepreneurial ventures started together at UCLA Anderson’s Masters in Business program. Like many sound businessmen, Dr. Butt and Vijay identified demand in a universal market – that of romance and seduction. After extensive research, the two friends created a service in the Los Angeles community while enrolled at UCLA to aid heterosexual men in their pursuit of love. All the while, Dr. Butt and Vijay wrote a book that outlined the...Read More

Tony Winders Speaks at The Veloz Group

Tony Winders, longtime marketing executive and digital marketing consultant, spoke to The Veloz Group interns about the lessons he has learned in his 25 years of business. These are 9 of what he considers to be his most valuable insights. 1. Products and services Winders’ first business was a lawn mowing service, and then throughout college, he waited tables. After multiple jobs, he realized he was a “services” guy. With services, all you can bill for is your time; there is a limitation on scaling that products don’t have. Understanding the distinction between the two, and knowing which industry you...Read More

Stuart Cohen Speaks at The Veloz Group

On Monday, July 24th, interns at the Veloz Group heard from Stuart Cohen, an entrepreneur in the insurance and financial services as well as motivational speaker. Although Cohen has been blessed with many successes in his life, he has dealt with just as many obstacles. His varied experiences left him with valuable advice interns were able to identify with. “The process is the roses.” If you’re simply fixated on the end goal, with blinders on during the middle part, you’re essentially missing the most important moments. You need to be hyperaware of all the moving parts in the journey because...Read More

Brad Yasar Speaks at The Veloz Group

He began writing code at age six; started a software development company at age nine; sold his first company at age sixteen. His name: Brad Yasar. His mission: to diversify his knowledge of industries far and wide, and to invest in the best and brightest during their entrepreneurial journeys. To The Veloz Group’s great fortune, Brad visited our office this Wednesday to provide a background to his successes and to educate our interns on investing. Little did we know, he would do far more than speak to educate; he would speak to inspire. Following college, where he attended Academie de...Read More

Albert Ly Speaks at The Veloz Group

A UCLA graduate, a personal trainer for The Perfect Workout, and a man in tip-top shape -- this is Albert Ly. Despite what was mentioned in the latter, Albert Ly did not think he would be able to say he accomplished all of that just a few years ago. As Albert went along his normal day in college, friends of his would usually ask him to hit the gym but his normal response would always be something along the lines of, "Nah, not today," and then he would continue with whatever he was doing at the time which ranged from...Read More

Sharon Rich Speaks at The Veloz Group

CEO of Think Business Growth, Sharon Rich visited The Veloz Group yesterday to educate our interns on conscious decision making in the workforce. Integrating client stories into her seminar, Sharon offered concrete examples of personal business ventures that illustrate the emphatic need to surface and address what she has coined “invisible agreements.” To Sharon, invisible agreements encompass those quotidian office conventions that drive businesses to poor performance. They are ignored or accepted standards of operation that although seemingly ingrained in a company’s culture can result in drastic improvement when addressed and solved. That’s where Sharon comes in. With dynamism and...Read More

Veloz Exclusive: An Afternoon With Eli Eisenberg

Introduction Every week, The Veloz Group has at least one speaker come in and talk to the interns. The speakers are usually prominent individuals in the PR industry, but there have been speakers from other industries as well. On the afternoon of June 28th, Eli Eisenberg graced the Veloz Group interns with the knowledge he has gained in his area of expertise. Background Eli Eisenberg grew up in Southern California. He began his career in Northern California after his college career ended. Eli completed his undergrad at UCLA and then pursued his Mater's degree at UC Berkeley. Eisenberg's original background...Read More
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Tracy Williams Speaks at The Veloz Group

Tracy Williams never could have pictured herself living in sunny Los Angeles. As an intelligent and young lady from Washington D.C interested in a career in technology Public Relations, she had no choice but to head West. Since the early 2000's, the West has been a hotbed for technological advancement, which has also helped ignite the large media presence that exists. Fast forward twenty five years, Tracy is now President and CEO of Olmstead Williams Communications; a reputable company known for their public relations and crisis communication work. Tracy and her company are known for the tremendous work they've done...Read More
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Dan Birnbaum Speaks at The Veloz Group

Dan Birnbaum, an entertainment executive currently with Dolby Laboratories and formerly with Technicolor and Disney, spoke to interns about the importance of looking ahead to stay on top of today’s rapidly changing industry. Birnbaum finished his undergraduate at Northwestern University with a film major. His interests always lied in the intersection between film and technology, and he found a match with visual effects. At the time, 90% of the visual effects industry was based in Los Angeles, so straight out of college he made the bold move West. He got his feet wet at Hammerhead Productions, a privately owned digital...Read More
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Ashley Morgan Speaks at The Veloz Group

Ashley Morgan, a staple expert in the interior design community, visited The Veloz Group this past Monday to provide her story and most prominent life lessons. Ashley commits herself to her clients who seek her advice on commercial and/or residential interior design. She also has experience in the staging, event planning, catering, and clothing industries. To commend Ashley for her passion and work ethic in each of these fields would be to drastically undermine her proficiency. She is what we've christened a go-getter; Ashley Morgan will not stop before she achieves her goals. Overachieving is something with which Ashley has...Read More